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    Great Escapes Packages

  • Wednesday

    6 Concerts at 5:30 pm at Holley Hall

    Included in Wednesday

    • GE1 | October 16
    • GE2 | December 11
    • GE3 | January 15
    • GE4 | February 12
    • GE5 | March 12
    • GE6 | May 7
  • Thursday

    6 Concerts at 7:30 pm at Holley Hall

    Included in Thursday

    • GE1 | October 17
    • GE2 | December 12
    • GE3 | January 16
    • GE4 | February 13
    • GE5 | March 13
    • GE6 | May 8
  • Friday

    6 Concerts at 5:30 pm at Holley Hall

    Included in Friday

    • GE1 | October 18
    • GE2 | December 13
    • GE3 | January 17
    • GE4 | February 14
    • GE5 | March 14
    • GE6 | May 9
  • Saturday*

    6 Concerts at 7:30 pm at Holley Hall

    Included in Saturday*

    • GE1 | October 19
    • GE2 | December 14
    • GE3 | January 18
    • GE4 | February 15
    • GE5 | March 15
    • GE6 | May 10
  • Sunday

    4 Concerts at 4:00 pm at Holley Hall

    Included in Sunday

    • GE2 | December 15
    • GE3 | January 19
    • GE4 | February 16
    • GE5 | March 16

    Not Included in Sunday

    GE1, GE6


Great Escapes

Popular tunes, light classics, and conductor commentary blend with entertaining themes, making these among audiences' favorite Holley Hall experiences.

Great Escapes Concert Schedule

    • GE1

      GE1 | Reel Intrigue


      Get in the spirit for Halloween with music from the theater and movies, featuring a little bit of adventure and possibly a touch of fright. You’ll thrill to music from Chicago, Phantom of the Opera , Murder on the Orient Express, Vertigo, and some other surprises.
    • GE2

      GE2 | Merry and Bright


      Let Sarasota Orchestra be a part of your holiday traditions. Enjoy festive music that underscores the merry and bright feelings of this special time of year. Music includes A Klezmer Nutcracker, Sleigh Ride , Skater's Waltz, and Joy to the World.
    • GE3

      GE3 | TV Tunes and Treasures


      Themes from television shows are some of our fondest memories, creating rich and nostalgic images in our minds. You’ll revel in classical tunes made popular by Looney Tunes and Popeye and smile to music from The Flintstones, Star Trek, and Downton Abbey.
    • GE4

      GE4 | Crazy for You


      Our annual Valentine's Day-themed concert is an audience favorite. Enjoy romantic favorites, including "As Time Goes By" from Casablanca, selections from West Side Story, Cinderella Overture, "My Funny Valentine," and "Some Enchanted Evening."
    • GE5

      GE5 | A Musical Comedy


      This concert promises big grins and hearty laughs. Leroy Anderson’s The Typewriter features the real thing as a solo instrument! You will delight to the Scherzo for Motorcycle and Orchestra from Indiana Jones, plus music from La Cage aux Folles and The Producers.
    • GE6

      GE6 | G.O.A.T.s (Greatest of All Time)


      Who reigns supreme over all of music history? Hear our conductor’s picks spanning genres and centuries. From Beethoven to Mozart, and from Queen’s "Bohemian Rhapsody" to Rodgers and Hammerstein’s The Sound of Music, this concert of winners showcases the best of the best.


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