Annual Fund Donors

The Sarasota Orchestra gratefully acknowledges the following individuals* whose generous annual contributions as well as gifts to special events.

*Gifts listed as of September 1, 2016

CRESCENDO SOCIETY (Lifetime giving of $1,000,000 or more)

Beatrice Friedman

Ernie Kretzmer in loving memory of Alisa Kretzmer

Anne H. S. Nethercott

Virginia B. Toulmin (1925 - 2010)

GOLD BATON CIRCLE ($50,000 plus)


Gerri Aaron

Chuck and Margie Barancik

Debutante Program of Sarasota and Manatee counties

Bette and Arn Hoffman

Ernie Kretzmer, in memory of Alisa Kretzmer

Sarasota Orchestra Friends

Susan and Zuheir Sofia

Dr. Thomas Sprenger In memory of Justine Sprenger

Paul and Sharon Steinwachs

Charles O. Wood, III and Miriam M. Wood Foundation

VIRTUOSI ($25,000 - $49,999)

The Estate of Carolyn D. Bennett

Mike and Ellen Esposito

Anne and Robert Essner

Karol Foss

Jeremy and Cynthia Guiles

Max Eisenbarth Trust

The Estate of Dorothy M. Russell

Skip and Gail Sack

Toby and Noel Siegel

Lois Stulberg

Audrey and Art Wolcott

IMPRESARIOS ($10,000 - $24,999)

Robert and Beverly Bartner

Harriet Bernbaum, in memory of Harry Bernbaum

Jack Buhsmer

Herman and Sharon Frankel

Ralph and Cherie Gorenstein

Marilyn and James Heskett

Lee and Deborah Hirschey

Isa Moeller and Cliff Hund

Stanley Kane in memory of Janet Kane

Beverly L. Koski

Sherry and Thomas Koski

Laura Lowell in Memory of Riva Kramer

Audrey Robbins and Harry Leopold

Joan K. Lieberman

Joan Armour Mendell

Gilda Nobel in memory of Fred Nobel

Charlotte and Charles Perret

Billy Robinson

Margot and Jack Robinson

Tom and Meg Ryan

Laurence Saslaw

Dale and Nancie Shellenbaum

Carol and Morton Siegler

Barbara and Al Siemer

George and Tina Skestos

Carolynne C. Smith

Hugh H. Steele

David and Pamela Steves

Anne Virag

Sylvia Waller in memory of Sid Waller

Virginia and Douglas West

Kim Morey Wheeler

Kurt and Marlene Wilkening

Edie Winston in loving memory of Herb Winston

Douglas and Sally Wright

Ronald and Geri Yonover

ORCHESTRA CIRCLE ($5,000 - $9,999)


Peggy C. Allen & Steven C. Dixon

Edward and June LeBell Alley

George F. Allison & Alan Watkins

Jeanne and Ken Asakura

David and Betty-Jean Bavar

Tom & Karen Bernstein

Cookie Boudreaux, Mark Kamin & Associates

Murray Bring and Kay Delaney Bring

A. Scott Bushey

Charles and Judy Cahn

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence P. Castellani

Cheryl Ceppos in memory of Gerald Ceppos

Arlan Clayton

Marcia and Michael Corrigan

Georgia Court

Margot and Warren Coville

Barbara H. Cruikshank

Gerald P. and Beathe Elden

Joel and Marcia Faber - Faber Future Foundation

Stephen Fillo and Jane C. Gould

Len and Helen Glaser

Ruth Gorton

David and Linda Green

Renee Hamad

Debbie and Larry Haspel

Huisking Family Fund of the Community Foundation of Sarasota County

Marlene and John Isaacs

Dr. Richard S. and Carol K. Kaufman

Elaine Keating

Diana Lager

Kate and Rick Lannamann

Jill and Scott Levine

Melvy Erman Lewis, in loving memory of Milford T. Lewis

Betty K. Lindenberg

Edward and Susan Maier

Joan J. Mathews, in memory of Philip B. Dobrin, MD PhD

Cornelia and Richard Matson

Lawrence W. Milas in memory of Margie Milas

Marie Monsky in loving memory of J. Donald Monsky

Irving and Marilyn Naiditch

Marshall Nurenberg and Joanne Klein

Barbara and Sanford Orkin

Irwin and Judith Parmet

Barbara H. Pekow

Stanley and Betty Pelletz

Faith and Bill Reynolds

Richard E. and Leslie S. Rivera

Flori Roberts

Susan L. Robinson

Esther Rose in loving memory of Rabbi Herbert Rose

Donna T. Rourke

Caroline and Tim Ryan

Sylvia and Norman Samet

Maxine and Elliott Schiffman

Bob Schlanger - in memory of my wife, Skippy

Betty Schoenbaum

Anne and Alex Scott

Bunny and Mort Skirboll

Arline and Harvey Steinberg

Maureen and Thomas Steiner

Patricia and Avery Stone

Hobart and Janis Swan

Curtis R. and Melliss K. Swenson

Bunny Tabatznik

Sandy Ullman

Edward and Mary Lou Winnick

Sheila and Merrill Wynne

Sally W. Yanowitz

MAESTRO CIRCLE ($2,500 - $4,999)


Jerry and Sue Ellen Addicott - Senior Moves

Ruth and Alan Ades

Charles Albers and Julie Planck

Maryann Armour

Dr. and Mrs. G. Richard Baise

Mr. Howard Baker and Mrs. Sharon Weinstock

Patricia and Graham Barkhuff

Deborah and Walton Beacham

Donald H. and Barbara K. Bernstein Family Foundation

Myrna and John Blume

Barbara Brizdle

Eileen and Albert Bronstein

Carol B. Camiener

Mr. and Mrs. John V. Cavanaugh

Dr. Jay N. and Syma C. Cohn

Howard Cohodas

Nadine Cohodas

Alexsandra Coles

Neil and Sandra DeFeo

Sam Digiammarino and Brenda Lee

Shan and Thomas DiNapoli

Sandy and Gary Drew

Mimi (Miriam S.) Edlin

Leon and Margaret Ellin

Mrs. Shirley Fein

Beverly B. Fisher

Kevin & Kim Frantz

John Genoni

Charles and Carol Hamilton

Deborah Hamm, M.D.

Thomas and Patricia Jeffs

Jack and Lenora Jost

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas I. Klein

Janice I. Kunkel

Dr. Larry Laiks

Dr. and Mrs. K.D. Lee

Janet and Fred Leonberger

Dr. and Mrs. Bartram Levenson

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Libby

Gerry and Sheri Lublin

Norman and Carole Scutt Malcolm

Earl and Ann Mumford

Shirley Nichols

Gini and Stu Peltz

Robin Radin

Alice W. Rau

Sharon and Bob Reitsch

Mr. Martin D. Rich

Susan and Sam Samelson

Ina Schnell

Mr. and Mrs. Alan J. Schottenstein

Clare and Rich Segall

Micki Sellman

Dr. and Mrs. Ira J. Singer

Jan Smally

Barbara Staton

Dee and Sam Stipp

Barbara J. Struth

Hal Lewis and Bee Volk

Gwen and Tom Watson

Mary Kay and Walter Wenk

Earl and Dorothy Whaley

Richard and Sandra Wilkof

Ida Wilkof

Carol B. Williams

Fremajane and Blair Wolfson

Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Yakes

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Young

MUSICIAN CIRCLE ($1,000 - $2,499)

Anonymous (7)

Ron Banyay

Everett Behrendt

Mary and David Benfer

F. Dale and Linda G. Bengtson

Mandell and Madeleine Berman Foundation

Jerry and Helga Bilik

Barbara A. Blackburn

Judy and Jack Bloch

Mrs. Irma Blumenthal

Barbara W. Blumfield

Fund at the Community Foundation of Sarasota County

Dr. Susan M. Brainerd and Mr. Alan R. Quinby

Carl Clark and Dr. Ruth E. Clark

Janis H. Cohen

Anne Ireland and Kenneth Cole

Philip and Suzanne Conover

Catherine Cooper

Robert and Susan Coyne

Donna Cubit-Swoyer

Rory and Ane-Grethe Delaney

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent M. De Lisi

Jean J. DeLynn

Joyce Dodge

George and Pat Edmonds

Holly Ehrens

Douglas W. Endicott

Ruth Engman

Mary and Joseph Erceg

Alex J & Toby Etkin Philanthropic Fund

Dr. and Mrs. J. Peter Fegen

Frances Fergusson and John Bradbury

Christa and Frank Fineshriber

Dorothy and Billy Firestone

William and Joyce Fletcher

Hal and Jean Craig Flynn

Marcia and Arnold Freedman

Joey Frye

Ann and Larry Garberding

Barbara Geldbart in loving memory of Jack Geldbart

Roz Goldberg and Alan Bandler

Mr. and Mrs. Jorgen Graugaard

Thomas B. Hagen

Ermina Hahn

Dr. Barbara A. Hajjar

Toby and Eugene Halpern

Diane and Norman Halpern

Janet Hevey

Dr. Fred W Hicks, III

Maureen and Jack Higgins

Barry and Casiana Hilton

Philip Hubbell

Kathleen Osborne and Daniel Idzik

Robert and Bonny Israeloff

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Jacobson

Betsy Johnson

Anne E. Jones

Luther and Joyce Jungemann

Richard and Keke Kahn

Molly Dooher and Henry Kahwaty

Sidney Katz Philanthropic Fund and the Sarasota-Manatee Jewish Federation

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Kimbrough

Eve Kommel

Andrew Kotsatos and Heather Parsons

Marilyn Kucharski

Susan Lagg-May and Roy May, Jr.

Robert Lawson

Nessa and Richard Levine

Judith M. Liersch and Allen L. Jennings

Bobbi Lorry

Mary Lou Loughlin and Bob Ploussard

Joel and Irwin Lowenstein

Lou and Carolou Marquet

Dr. Walter Mazzanti and Dr. Rosemary

Albano Mazzanti

Jim Meister

Ora and Joseph Mendels Family Foundation

Pamela R. Moore, M.D.

Jeff and Vicki Moore

Katherine Oarr

Lynn and Allen Oboler

Mr. and Mrs. William O'Toole

Patricia S. Potter

Rose Marie Proietti

Linda Prowten and Bert Mitchell

Alan Pryor

John and Barbara Rade

Mrs. Bob Reinert

Dennis Revicki and Mary Lou Poe

Nathan and Bonnie Richards

Phyllis and Sam Rubinovitz

Mr. and Mrs. Seymour C. Rudges

Natalie and Evan Salmore

Jane Sattler

Bob and Barb Schaal

Betty Schattschneider

Priscilla and John Schlegel

Joyce P. Schneider

Robin and Mark Serbin

Sam Shapiro

Philip and Trude Smith

DJ Smyth

Cyvia and David Snyder

Mrs. Roberta Somach

Rev. Richard W. Souza

George L. Speros

Hillary Steele

Betty Stewart

Kathleen Stoll

G. Richard and Elizabeth A. Thompson

Ky Thompson and Margaret Melun

Robert and Sandra Van Langen

Lisa and Matthew Walsh

Joan and Jerry Wexler

Penny and John Wilson

Jean and E. S. "Chip" Wood

AMBASSADORS ($500 - $999)

Anonymous (4)

Peggy and Ken Abt

Noreen & Richard Ackerman

Jean F. Adelson

Dr. Louise T. Adler

Carolyn Albrecht

Dr. Roland and Betty Anthone

J. Allison Archbold & Hugh Bettendorf

Keith and Mary Bednarowski

Charles Belknap and John Patten

Charles Beye and Richard Deppe

Dr. and Mrs. Horace S. Blood

Madeleine and David Brenner

Don and MaryAnne Bruno

William and Debra Buttaggi

Roger Cady

John T. Chasteen

Vivian and Michael Chester

Ali Chokr

Natalie and Alan Cohen

Major Gen. and Mrs. W.E. Cooper

Carolyn and Edwin Cox

Gerard Daniel

Mr. and Mrs. Russell Daniel

Robert and Gail Davies

Ron and Sandra Davis

Rebecca and Dr. Carlo DeRosa

Philip A. Dieffenbach

Carol and Justus Doenecke

Jeanie and Denny Dorton

Murray Duffin

John and Patricia Dupps

Kathryn and Lee Edstrom

Mildred R. Ericson

Mary Ann Fair

Kenneth Fake

John J. and Ruth Fernstrom

Richard and Carol Flint

Doug and Dianne Frantz

Alex and Eija Friedlander

Robert and Irene Fritsch

Mr. and Mrs. Leon A. Gainsboro

Elizabeth and Lawrence Gallick

Robert W. and Dorothy B. Garner

Wanda Garofalo

Anne and Cope Garrett

Theodore and Joan Geier

Paul and Irmy Geithner

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Germain

Alice and Donald Goldsmith

Inge J. Gould in memory of D. Robert Gould

Drs. Betsy and James Granite

Richard G. Graven and Peggy Graven

Carol and Jules Green

Joan and Dr. David Greene

Stephen and Polly Greene

Dr. and Mrs. William Grubb

James Haft, in Memory of Ellen S. Haft

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry M. Hamovit

Daniel Rose and Beverly Harms

Nancy and John Harris

Rita M. Hebel

Lawrence and Mary Hepburn

Stephanie and Allen Hochfelder

Dr. and Mrs. Curtis F. Holmes

James and Joyce Huber

Rhea and Palmer Hughes

Terry Hynes

Barbara B. Jacoby

Raymond and Freida Johnson

Karen Wehner

Sandra Kamin

Jerry and Nancy Kaplan

Irene and Mark Kauffman

Drs. Thomas F. & Jacqueline F. Kelly

Terri and Michael Klauber

Andrew Lane

Jean E. Langdon

Arline Popper Leven

Judie Lewis

Terrie and Rodney Linford

John and Judy Lynch

Rabbi Larry Mahrer and Nancy Gerry

Lois and Martin Marcus

Dr. Albert and Marita Marsh

Carol Gilbert and Matty Matheson

Jan and William Mauck

David E. and Linda F. Menicheschi

Elliott Metcalfe, Jr. and Becky A. Titus

Hannah and Jack Michelson

Roberta and Mortimer Miller

Joy and Rainer Mimberg

Julio Rivera and Tom Nadolski

Stephen and Susan Neumer

Alan Papernick

P. Beverly Peyser

Patricia and David Porter

Lisa Keverian Press

Julie L. Whitney and Peter S. Price

Dick and Margaret Prinstein

Martin and Iris Rappaport

Jerry and Joanne Robertson

Stan and Jo Rutstein

Robert T. Saalfeld

Sandy Charitable Funds of Gulf Coast Community Foundation

Sharon Schreiber

Werner and Ginny Schuele

Richard Seidel and Anita Rosenblum

Gerald L. Shaikun and Laurie K. Smith

Rita and Frank Shewer

B. Aline Blanchard and Arthur Siciliano

Leon Sickles

Alan and Barbara Siegel

Ted and Mary Ann Simon

Mrs. Kathleen Singer

David F. Sobey

Dorothy Spelman

Dorothy Stehl

Alan and Joan Stone

Robert and Ruth Stoppert

Corinne Strand

Hadassah and Martin Strobel

Patty Sturtevant and Richard Kiegler

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Sukin

Mike and Madelyn Tetmeyer

Bernice Thomas (Jophed/Thomas Foundation)

Mary Louise and John Toal

Mary and Jim Tolley

Bill and Rebecca Tompkins

John and Terri Tumlin

Jocelyn Udell

Skip and Wendy Ulrich

Carolyn and Ron Vioni

Richard and Joan Webster

Ann Weingartner

David and Edris Weis

Louise and Jud Werbelow

Sora Yelin in memory of Cary F. Yelin

PATRONS ($100 - $499)

Anonymous (21)

Mr. and Mrs. Leslie D. Aberson

Martin & Catha Abrahams

Helen Abramowicz

Dr. and Mrs. Berel L. Abrams

Julian Koss and Helen Abrams

Dr. and Mrs. Marvin D. Abrams

Sheri Abramson

Cecile Adams

Pamela Akins

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Albaum

Mrs. Sarah Albert

John R. Albrecht

Ed Andershock

Dolores L. Andrew

Betty G. Andrews

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent D. Andrus

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Ansted

Leonard Apfelbach

Paul M. Arenberg

Joan and Alex Arnold

Shari and Stephen Ashman

Susan M. Ashton

William G. Asp

Jeanne Auten

Joseph D. Avellino

Carol and Edward Axelrod

Drs. Charles and Barbara Axton

Marcia and Bob Baarson

Frank and Roberta Bachenheimer

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Baer

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Baker

Ursula R. Bamberger

Pam and Edward Baran

George and Frances Barletta

Barbara and James Barrett

Mr. and Mrs. Ira P. Barsky

Katherine and Robert Barta

Lois and James Bartis

Sal and Judith Barzilay

Ellyn M. Batko

Marian Batzer

Michael Baughen

Donald Norman Baum

Ann and Sumner Baum

Nancy and Marc Bazilian

Ruth and Jerry Beck

Ed Becker and Julie Larkin

Richard Benedum and Julane Rodgers

Herb and Rhoda Beningson

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bennett

Iris Wenglin-Bergas and Peter Bergas

Roberta Berger

Liese L. Berkowitz

Rochelle Bernard

Robert Berns

Barbara Bernstein

Dr. and Mrs. Seymour M. Bernstein

Richard and Linda Beyer

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Biller

Mr. James R. Billings

Robert Birnbaum

Mike and Maddie Bisulca

Don H. Bittner

Marvin and Annette Black

James and Rose Marie Blaha

Donald S. Blair

Marilyn and Paul Blankman

Dr. Crain Bliwas

Mr. and Ms. Andre Block

Joe and Ros Block

Diane and Victor Block

Jim and Linda Bodycomb

Fred and Margaret Boehm

Dr. Michael and Betsy Bommer

Mary Ann Bonelli

Mary and James Boose

Donald & Joan Bornstein

John D. Borst

Kay Bosse

Gay H. Boylston

Veronica and Jay Brady

Paul and Kay Brady

Charlie and Elaine Brenner

Janis Brenner

Ilene and Monroe Brett

Dr. and Mrs. William Brian

Mr. and Mrs. Murry Brochin

Dr. and Mrs. F.R. Brofazi

George and Susan Brooks

Larry and Beverly Brown

Sally and Mike Brown

Dr. Stanley and Barbara Brown

Mrs. Betty Brudnick

Natalie Brush

Ellen and Vincent Buccellato

Mrs. Robert D. Buck

Abbott Buegeleisen

Sydney Buffum

Constance and Bohdan Bulawka

Victoria Bumagin Robbins

Sharon Burde

Janice & Thomas Burne

Elizabeth L. Burton

Sybil Levien and Richard Bushell

Peter T. Coll and Alice P. Bushey

Janice and Meyer Bushman

George and Joy Busler

Linda Buxbaum

Sue Camins

Barbara Campo

Colette Canavan

Barbara and James Card

Robert and Donna Carlson

Bob and Judy Carnal

Jim and Nancy Carnes

Dr. and Mrs. James Carter

Marshall Carter

Patricia and Christopher Caswell

Edith and Marvin Catler

Joyce Cekander and Marcia Skinner

Martha and James Chadwick

Dr. John and Diana Chalstrom

Mall Chaney

Alice Chapin

Beverly Char

Helen and Murray Charash

Diane C. Chechik-Temple

Stanley Chichester

Bob and Dorothy Chiles

Ed and Judy Christian

Jim Christiansen

H. Lawrence Clark

John and Lorna Clarke

Carol Cohen

Janine and Douglas Cohen

Eileen Cohen

Drs. Herbert and Anita Cohen

Robert I. Cohen

Dorothy Cole

Ginny Cole

Audrey and William Coleman

Emilio & Denise Collado

Cornelia L. Cook

Frank and Janice Cook

Susan and Phil Cook

Glenn Cooper

Agnes Coppin

Aubert & Sandra Coran

Elliott and Dana Corn

William and Linda Cotter

Katharine Couchot

Charles W. Cox

Paul and Linda Cramer

James and Lynn Crandall

Patricia W. Crawford

Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Crootof

David and Ann Cruikshank

Heather and Michael Cruikshank

Patti Lee and Wayne Curtis

Dr. William Cutler

Joe Cyr

Robert and Julia Dadekian

Whit and Cathy Daily

Ms. Margaret T. D'Albert

Madolyn and Glenn Dallas

Mrs. Rodney Daly

Mrs. David Davenport

Joanne De Fusco

Jane Dean

Anne DeArment

Mr. and Mrs. Lon Deckard

George and Mary Jane DeGenaro

Janet Degroff

Lee DeLieto, Sr.

Judith and Harold Dell

Rosemary DeMarco

Ilda and Ray Deming

Pamela Desnick

R. George Devries

Sam S. Dickson

Judy and Dick Diedrich

Beverly and Ray Dielman

Alice Fishman and Michael DiPietro, MD

Bernard and Florence Ditchik

William T. Doherty

Fay K. Donaldson

Barbara and Frank Donaldson

Gunilla K. Dorsen

John and Carole Dorsey

George Doty

Dr. James and Mrs. Jean Douglass

Nancy Kane and Roger Driben

Barbara and John Dumbaugh

James R. Dunne

Anne Eager

Brian and Victoria Eckl

Carol and Martin Edelman

Gary Eisenberg

Marsha and Harry Eisenberg

Dr. and Mrs. Irwin Eisenfeld

Howard Elder

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Eliasberg, Jr.

Joe and Connie Ellison

Paul and Phyllis Elson

Anne and James Enyart

Jan and Adrianne Erfert

Ron and Sharon Erickson

Rolf Ernst

Dr. Michael J. Esposito

Lisa and Jon Evans

Fred and Jo Falkner

Dr. Bernard E. Farber

Margie P. Farber

Elizabeth Lily Farkas

Bob and Barbara Farley

John E. Feavearyear & K. Faye Rafferty

Mr. & Mrs. William L. Feeley

Frances and Gary Feldman

Howard and Adrienne Feltman

Beverly R. Fendrick

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Ferrucci

Marty and Sherman Finger

Sandy Fink

Margaret Finlay

Gordon Finman

Conrad Firszt

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Fisher

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Fisher

Ms. May Fisher-Cohen

Pearl and Howard Fishman

Yvette and Len Fishman

Ms. Sondra Fishman

James and Rosalie Fitzgibbons

Marcia Frankel and Bert Fivelson

Julie and John Flaherty

David & Ellen Flatow

Paul and Dorothy Flattery

Dr. and Mrs. William Fogel

Elizabeth and Ben Forsyth

Dolores I. Forsyth

Gerald Fox

Carole and Mickey Fox

Dr. and Mrs. George A. Frank

Ralph C. Franklin

Bill and Lori Frantz

Josephine Franz and Russ Gill

Jean and Michael Freed

Leda Freedman Fund

Suzanne Freund

Dr. William C. Freund

Barbara D. Frey

Martin Fried

Dorothy and Alan Friedland

Anne Friedland

Ann R. Friedman

Martha and Carl Friedman

Ms. Ina Friedman

Lois and Marshall Friedman

Jane and Martin Friedman

Jerry W. Frost

Sandy and Bud Fulkerson

Diane and David Van Ess

Peter Galvin

Bonita and Harvey Ganot

Mr. and Mrs. William Gardel

Edith B. Gardner

Mrs. Lorraine Garland

Phyllis Garlick

Ms. Anne R. Garlington

Mr. and Mrs. Edmund F. Garno, Jr.

Dorothy Nelson Garrett

Betty Szymanski Garver

Patty and Robert Gelfman

Dr. Arthur and Mrs. Toby Geller

Dr. Dimitar S and Dr. Maria T. Georgiev

Dave and Karen Gerdes

Leslie and Charles Gerhardt

Timothy Gibb

Aldo and Rita Giovanucci

Susan and Anthony Girese

Dr. George F. Gitlitz

Mrs. Otto Glasser

Michele Glazer and Norman Powers

Susan Gleeksman

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Glenn

Judith and Herbert Gofman

Martin Gold

Grace and Murray Goldberg

Bob and Kathy Goldberg

Marvin Goldblatt

Al and Jo Goldis

Marilyn Goldman

Dr. Meryl Susan and Rabbi Mark Goldman

Grace M. Goldstein

Elliott and Sybil Goodman

John I. Goodman

Terry Goodman

Roslyn and Neil Gorchow

Sue and Howard Gorham

Myra Gotoff

Stephen R Grant and Lea Jackson

Robin Green and Jay Greenblatt

Ronald Greenberg

David and Shirley Greene

Anne Marie and Marvin Greene

Robert J. Greene

Mr. and Mrs. Don Griesbach

Betty and Bob Griggs

Roy E. Griggs

David & Miriam Gurowsky

Patrick & Barbara Hackett

Linda and Edward Hagen

Bernard and Sandra Hahnke

Laurence Hall

Carol Ann Hallinger

Alvin and Joan Halpern

Judy Henry and Bruce Hamill

Marie A. Hamly

Judith and Benjamin Handelman

Annette and Deon Haney

Barbara and Julian Hansen

Ms. Lorna E. Hard

Mr. and Mrs. David E. Harlow

Julie and Barry Harris

Dr. Carole Hart and Diane Tufaro

Kathryn J. Harvey

Sonya Harvey

Dan and Dodie Headington

Kathleen and Garrett Heard

Richard and Andrea Hearn

Christine Heider

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Heimler

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Heller

Marge and Martin Heller

Mr. and Mrs. Conrad F. Hellwege

Mitchell L Helton

Bob and Debbie Hendel

Betty H. Hendry

Harry and Belle Heneberger

Betty and John Herr

William and Susan Herring

Ruth Herrman

Lauren and Brian Hersh

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Hesson

Gail and Bob Hetler

Robert T. Hildebrand

LT. Gen. and Mrs. Jerome B. Hilmes

Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Hines

Ronnie and Jerry Hirsch

Dr. Robert and Delsa Hirsch

Paul and Judy Hoertz

Rosemarie Hofferbert

Dr. and Mrs. Phillip G. Hoffman

Ann Hogg

Cathy and Bill Hohlstein

Ellen and Leslie Holst

Dr. Joseph Holt

Jane Hoover

Maureen Horn

Kathy and Moshe Horowitz

Porcha and Douglas Horton

Joel Horwich

Betsy Winder and Jeffrey Hotchkiss

Mr. and Mrs. John Howard

Susan and James Hoy

Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Huber

Bertram Huberman and Ruth Castleman

Bert Hugle

Casey Humpert & Rene Guerin

Jim and Jane Hunder

Penelope M. Huneke

Catherine Hurst

Herb Hurwitz and Judith Feldman

Jacqueline Hussey

Dr. and Mrs. Theodore R. Huter

Dr. Jack G. Hutton, Jr.

Jo Ann and Joe Iaria

Suzanne and Oliver Janney

Kelley Rea & Mary Jean Jecklin

Monica and James Jenkins

Brenda B. Jennings

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jennings

Mr. and Mrs. James Jensen

Charles F. Johnson

G. W. Johnson

Jay and Karen Johnson

Lois L Johnson

Robert and Suzanne Johnson

Mr. Christopher P. Jones

Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Jones

Dr. and Mrs. William L. Jones

Dr. Bertram and Jeri Josephson

Ruth and Jack Kahgan

Margaret L. Kahn - The Otto and Frederike

Kahn Philanthropic Fund

Dr. and Mrs. Rich Kaiden

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Kaltenbacher

Norris Kantor

Kathie Kaplan

Janet and Larry Kaplan

Janet and Michael Kapostasy

Fay Kardon

Rhoda and Allen Katz

Dr. and Mrs. Bernard Katz

Dr. Morris C. Katz

Roger and Kristin Kaufman

Toby Kaulkin

Dr. Richard Keesey

Judith Keil

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kellett

Allan M. Kersten

Donald and Lois Kertman

John and Barbara Kerwin

Charles and Janet Kiblinger

Virginia and Norman Kiel

Suzanne Kinder

Angela King

Tom and Flo Kinney

Rev. Frank Kirlangitis and Maria Kirlangitis

Valerie Ann and Dennis Kirshy

Drs. Alexander I. and Radmilla Klashnya

James S. Klein and Inge J. Stanton

Richard and Maureen Klein

Richard and Ellen Klein

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Klein

Carole Kleinberg

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Kleinschmidt

Paul and Rosalyn Kline

Patricia Klugherz

William D. Knauss

Mr. Wayne F. Knepper

Donald and Barbara Knode

Susan and Pieter Kohnstam

Stanley and Judy Kolodkin

Peggy and Loren Kolpin

Carol S. Kopeck

Mrs. Joyce Koppel

Florence Korchin

Philip and Nancy Kotler

Judy and Joel Kreiss

Thomas Kueny

Barbara B. Kupferberg

Loraine and G. William Kupper

Sandra Laas

Barbara and Hal Laeger

Bill and Mary LaFollette

Dr. Joseph P. Laico

Francis Laluna

Fran and David Lambert

David Lapovsky

James and Mary LaRue

Joel and Jane Larus

Bernice and Ellis Lasberg

Shirley and Dr. Philip Lascelle

Barbara Lasker

Mr. and Mrs. James Lavin

David Le Vine

Lynne and Dr. Aaron Leavitt

Evan Lebson

Wendy & Stuart Lefkowich

Bruce L. Lehman

Ms. Charlene Lenger and Mr. Bruce Crissy

Jeanne and Donald Leonard

Calva and Joel Leonard

David and Elizabeth Leone

Arthur and Marcella Levin

Helene and Neil Levin

Richard and Gail Levin

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald D. Levin

Dr. Bernard and Marion Levine

Carol and Bill Levine

Susan and Lee Levinson

Sandra and Louis Levy

Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence M. Lewis

Lisa and William Libman

Rae Lichtenstein

Marje Lieberman and Sam Seager

Phyllis and Phil Lieberman

Anita Lieberson In Memory of Nathan Lieberson

Eunice Lieberstein

Arthur and Pat Liebschutz

Vilma Liedman

Robert and Nancy Lindeman

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Musical Musings

Read our blog about the Sarasota Orchestra.

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Written byHerald Tribune

 There's no doubt, audiences are thrilled by the Sarasota Orchestra's new music director, Anu Tali. She's brought an intense energy from the orchestra in previous performances and we found this yet again in a downright thrill ride of an encounter...  

Written byHerald Tribune

 Literally gripping the arms of my seat, I was not the only one propelled on this rollercoaster of delightful music.  

Written byHerald Tribune

 Every section and soloist within the orchestra played their role with strength and beauty; every tree proud and tall. Tali served as an excellent guide leading the forces with assured confidence. The overall sound was lush and, yes, intense just where it needed to be.  

Written byHerald Tribune

 The Sarasota Orchestra was brimming with bubbling energy...  

Written byHerald Tribune

 A lifetime of musical moments, cinematic in scope, gave every section of the orchestra a leading role at one time or another. Chief among them was the virtuosic solo of concertmaster Daniel Jordan.  

Written byHerald Tribune

 It was a thrill ride resulting in an explosion of audience enthusiasm.  

Written byHerald Tribune

 Tali conveyed a clear vision for the dramatic outline of this symphony, carefully pacing the darker, searching character of the music with pastoral conversations among voices in the orchestra.  

Written byThe Observer

 If you haven’t seen Tali yet, this will be a great introduction to the skyrocketing conductor who’s quickly becoming a household name around the world. You’ll see why we feel we’re lucky to have her here.  

Written byThe Observer

 Andrew Lane, the Orchestra’s Principal Pops Conductor, knows how to program a winning event and this concert had something for everyone. It also brought in a whole new audience that seemed dazzled by the performances.  

Written byThe Observer

 The Sarasota Orchestra played a program this past weekend filled with so much color, it was like visiting the Louvre.  

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