Ruoran Poppy Yu is an engaging violist and violinist residing in the United States and China. She has been featured at festivals including Heifetz Institute, Aspen Music Festival and School, Morningside Music Bridge, and National Youth Orchestra of China. In 2019, she began studying violin with Nicholas Kitchen of the Borromeo Quartet at New England Conservatory. In 2022, as she became more enthusiastic about playing viola, she joined the viola studio of Mai Motobuchi of the same quartet and began studying both instruments. In August 2023, Poppy moved to New York and began her studies at The Juilliard School, where she studies with Paul Neubauer. While in China during the pandemic, Poppy joined Jhao-Yin Academy Music Festival and participated in community performances and public teaching seminars in Shenzhen and Qinhuangdao.