Pin-Hao began his cello studies at the age of seven. In 2012, Pin-Hao obtained admission to Xiu Shan Elementary School music class, where he majored in cello studies with Professor Hui-Ru Hsieh. In 2016, Pin-Hao was awarded the Music Gifted Student certification by the Education Department of the New Taipei City Government.

In 2017, Pin-Hao entered the music class at Ren'ai Junior High School Music Department, majoring in cello studies with Professor Lana Hsiung. In 2020, Pin-Hao obtained admission to The Affiliated Senior High School of National Taiwan Normal University, majoring in cello with Professor Jing-Ling Wan. In 2023, Pin-Hao was accepted and currently studying at the Oberlin Conservatory majoring in cello with Professor Darrett Adkins.

Pin-Hao had been mentored by the masters Paul Katz, Blaise Déjardin, Wen-Sinn Yang, Pavel Gomziakov, Laurence Lesser, Yeesun Kim, Carol Ou, Sam Ou, Nan-Cheng Chen, and Benjamin Zander during her music journey."