Yoojin Hong


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2023 Festival Fellows

Peabody Institute
Home town: Seoul, Korea

Yoojin Hong, an adventurous violinist, has traveled from the east to the west of the globe to share her music with the world. She particularly enjoys collaborating with other musicians from many countries, and she finds joy in learning how to play a supporting role in various contexts to enrich music. Making music with other musicians in ensembles is the ultimate thing that keeps her playing. Yoojin finds it rewarding to create music with other musicians and hear all of the individual parts come together to form a musical masterpiece. The Strad Magazine noted that Yoojin "was especially loved" when she had her Tchaikovsky Conservatory Recital in Moscow. Yoojin Hong obtained her undergraduate degree in violin verformance from Seoul National University where she studied with Na-Yun Kim. She currently works with Vadim Gluzman at the Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University.